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Customized discussion based seminars for parents of preschoolers and school age children, including USDA guidelines, review of food groups and age appropriate portion sizes, sources of hidden sugars, label reading and lunch box and snack lists. I will visit preschools, schools, daycare centers, family associations, local parenting groups or other pertinent organizations in and around Boston.


Individual Consulting

I will visit you at your home and develop a personalized menu plan that will incorporate all of your family’s needs / food intolerances or allergies and likes / dislikes. I will provide you with an extensive supermarket list to make the shopping experience a simple one! Confused at the supermarket? I will meet you at your favorite supermarket and give you valuable tips on food purchasing for your family. We can form a list of the best foods to buy within each food category that will help you attain optimum health and simplify your menu planning.



The Massachusetts Department of Early Childhood Education and Care now requires all educators to have a basic nutrition training. My nutrition training for early childhood educators in Boston satisfies MA regulation 606 CMR 7.12 (2) and includes information on meal patterns for preschoolers, food groups, snack choices and potential choking hazards.


Custom Recipes

Personalized, healthy snack recipes developed for your children that may include breakfast bars and other baked goods, guaranteed to provide excellent sources of nutrients and parental peace of mind.

View a video for a recipe I developed for kids (and grownups) that is gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan.